The Relationship between
Delight Ventures and DeNA

Delight Ventures is not your average corporate venture capital. We are a new type of venture capital that has taken the good parts from both corporate venture capital and independent venture capital.
DeNA participates in Delight Ventures Fund No. 1 as a single Limited Partner, and is committed to its success.

Delight Ventures can provide the following types of support to startups we invest in at the request of the entrepreneurs:

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    Delight Ventures can coordinate mentorships with DeNA business leaders and industry experts. Through these mentorships, entrepreneurs can gain access to DeNA's business knowhow and various types of other business knowhow and advice.
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    Delight Ventures can assist in proposing partnerships with DeNA and DeNA business partners.

Delight Ventures Fund No. 1 has an operating approach and investment decision-making process that is completely independent from DeNA, and we place top priority on startup success.

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    We have set up a firewall between Delight Ventures and the DeNA business departments, so there will be no unauthorized access to startups' confidential information.
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    Delight Ventures stands on the side of the startup in discussions between startups and DeNA about strategic partnerships.
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    We place the utmost priority on startup success, and we will not interfere with a partnership with a DeNA competitor.
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    DeNA is a possible exit candidate for the startups that Delight Ventures invests in, but we always respect the will of the entrepreneurs and market principles.