Code of Conduct

At Delight Ventures, we only consider ourselves successful if the startup succeeds.
We aim to be a trusted partner that respects entrepreneurs and enables their success.

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We respect entrepreneur time

Delight Ventures knows that for a startup, entrepreneur time is their most valuable asset. We make sure to not only use meeting time effectively, but also we will never ask for unnecessary documents to make an investment decision, and will never make entrepreneurs wait to hear from us even though we already made our decision.

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We respect transparency

When we are given an opportunity to invest in a startup, we are open about communicating the possibility that we will invest (whether high or low) and our process and timeline to make an investment decision. If we have a potential competitor company in our investment portfolio already, we openly share that information.

If we decide to not invest, we explain the reason to the entrepreneur.

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We respect information

Delight Ventures will never share slides, materials, and other information provided by entrepreneurs with others without entrepreneur consent. This includes sharing information with DeNA itself.

We have more information about the relationship between Delight Ventures and DeNA here.

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We respect contract fairness

Delight Ventures understands that many entrepreneurs may not have the best grasp of legal and contract matters, and we take particular care that we never set up a contract that puts entrepreneurs at a disadvantage for not having legal expertise. For example, if we were to propose setting up preferred shares, co-sale rights, or other mechanisms that entrepreneurs may be unfamiliar with, we will first explain these mechanisms in more detail before making the proposal.